Not Finding Files

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Not Finding Files

Post by Methanoid » Fri May 17, 2019 10:55 am

Mylar Version: (HEAD detached at 3f30fae)
git build 3f30faee32129d7670f9d7d590d3941fc3bd5b88.
Python Version : 2.7.15
Running inside a Docker

Problem: doesn't seem to find files as well as it used to.

eg. Scan a directory called Action Annual (1976) containing

Action Annual 1977.cbz
Action Annual 1978.cbz
Action Annual 1979.cbz

and it reports none found. These are files that were named like this by an earlier version of Mylar!??!

I'm having the same issue with 2000AD where if the file is called "2000AD Prog 2113 (2019) (digital) (xxxxx).cbr" it just isnt found. Again, used Mylar a fair few months ago and it used to find these.

Is this some obvious setting that dumb old me has missed (again)??

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Re: Not Finding Files

Post by evilhero » Sat May 18, 2019 2:23 pm

Well, your docker version is about a month and abit behind on commits - so that first shoudl be to make sure you're running current.

The annual thing is probably due to the fact that there is no issue number present in the filename - this has always been a requirement of Mylar, and the year does not indicate an issue number according to Mylar without a proper '#' designation. So naming them as 'Action Annual #1977.cbz' would get things to work.

Again, due to changes in adding TPB/GN support - things have had to change in some regards, so now (probably) if there is no apparent issue number (because the issue number can double as the year in this case), it assumes the year and thinks there is no issue number present (and thereby attempts to use it the TPB/GN profile).

The 2000 AD would never be found like that - as 'Prog 2113' is the actual issue title, so even because of that Mylar thinks that the series title is '2000 AD Prog', the issue number is 2113 and it won't match because 2000AD != 2000 AD Prog. So the easy fix in this case (aside from removing the Prog from the filenames which wouldn't be the first choice obviously), is to add '2000 AD Prog' as an Alternate Search Name in the Edit Settings box for the 2000 AD series. It will then be able to properly parse the information as is expected. It probably found them previously due to having the Alternate Search Name filled out - otherwise it never would have matched even previously.

And believe it or not, the file parsing has improved due to the inclusion of TPB/GN's parsing (based on how f'd up most filenames are and with no filename conventions amongst comics, plus how messed up some of the series and issue numbers have become). It's just these odd types of scenarios that usually make things stumble (and really it's gonna happen at some point regardless) and require specific information in the filename in order to

The problem with these specific titles is that the issue number could be confused for the year, and without proper designations you're relying on Mylar to best-guess what is what, based on some general assumptions that work for the vast majority of titles. Trying to make specific exceptions for these items, is when things break for everyone else - whereby simply adding in a # prior to the issue number would make it a non-issue.

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Re: Not Finding Files

Post by Methanoid » Sat May 18, 2019 2:27 pm

Thanks for such a full reply and the pointers :-)

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