Automation HELP needed

Post any problems / bugs / issues that are Mylar-related in here.
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Automation HELP needed

Post by M7URT » Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:19 am

My Setup

I have a seedbox (DEDISeedbox)

I have a local windows 10 acting as a rudimentary file server (just for myslef so nothing fancy)

I have Mylar setup on my server side as I figured it would be easier to log into the seedbox from there than have the links to my server at the Seedbox side.

I have successfully setup Mylar to connect to the seedbox. Once an item is snatched then I use Resilio sync to transfer the cbr/cbz to my 0-day comic folder.

I have a little script that converts them to CBZ

this is where I'm now stuck.

what is the best way to get them into my final COMICS folder with the rest of my comics, I use the COMICS/Publisher/Year naming convention for folders.

I'd like to now fully automate the scanning/moving. I have used the built in 'manage section' in Mylar with some success/some failure but I'd like an unattended system from here on. this is the bit I'd like some help with please.

I then run a Ubooquity server with the new comixology v2 skin which I find amazing.

thanks in advance folks

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Re: Automation HELP needed

Post by evilhero » Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:27 pm

Just set the Folder Monitor to monitor the directory where your resilio drops your downloads to. Set it for every 5 minutes (cause less than that might spike cpu/overlap runs - and it's not gonna hurt anything).

Enable post-processing within Mylar, enable the comictagger section - do away with your conversion script if all it's doing is converting from cbr -> cbz with no metatagging. Mylar will add metadata as well during the converison and it's all within the confines of post-processing.

There are torrent monitor programs that will automatically sync items back to your local install after mylar sends them (based on monitoring completion), but nothing internal to mylar (unless you're using rtorrent/deluge - then there is, but it's hidden away). There's also harpoon - which works the same as reslio, but only snatches items to be brought back locally once it's initiated from the automation client (it support sonarr, radarr, lidarr, mylar, etc). In doing this last way, it will also submit a post-processing request directly to mylar after it's finished downloading locally and post-process/cleanup thereafter as required.

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