Development Commit (2016-12-02) Changelog

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Development Commit (2016-12-02) Changelog

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Changelog for the Development commit of 2016-12-02 (021459c280f450beecb8118d1f602d8d41a33b47):

- (#1466) When post-processing if filename did not have issue year or volume, would error and not post-process issue.
- (#1472) Fixed some problems with series being searched against 32P which had special characters and would return no results (
- (#1473) Changed pullist dates on pullist page to unicode to allow for non-English presentation
- (#1476) Annuals now have option to add to reading list via the series detail page
- Added some specific exception catches when attempting to retrieve search results for nzb providers
- Fixed publisher retaining problem for story arcs (note story arcs will have to be refreshed)
- Fixed a problem with the pull-list matching up to the correct series when the issue was an annual for a given series with the alt_pull 2 method (would create an invalid link on the Wanted tab)
- Fixed some issues with one-off and story arc post-processing using different file operations
- Fixed error when performing an 'Force Update Active Comics' from the Manage tab (or the scheduled updating of all active comics)

(#1418) Separate copy/move/hardlink/symlink option for Story arcs
(#1417) Added story arc format folder to story arc options - can now specify folder format for story arc naming ($publisher, $arc, $spanyears)
(#1374) Added rtorrent_support for digest/basic authentication, as well as specifying the rpc_url verifying ssl. Rtorrent_host no longer requires protocol in field
(#1470) Added config.ini option to specify folder-formatting for weekly folder numbering, 0=YYYY-WN, 1=YYYY-MM-DD
(#1471) Added quick check to ensure that newznab host entries do not contain leading/trailing spaces and will strip accordingly
- Instead of hitting the intermediary/32P site to get the torrent group, will now retain specific id for torrent group to speed up searches and lessen load.
- Fixed password fields to allow for special characters within password
- Weekly pull will now correctly show status for previous/future weeks for watchlisted series
- Download option on pullist will work for previous weeks (post-processing to previous weeks to follow soon)
- Storyarc issues that are not on watchlist will now retain value for volume to help when searching and file-checking/post-processing
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