Mylar to Mylar3: docker install/upgrade

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Mylar to Mylar3: docker install/upgrade

Post by capGrundy »

I have my Mylar install on a Synology, but inside Docker. I'm wondering if Mylar3 is just code upgrade, or is new/different at the GUI level?

I'm asking because I'm wondering if I just need to change the Docker config to point to the new Mylar3 image and restart, or if I need to create a new instance and set it up from scratch?

Thanks for continuing to support the program.
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Re: Mylar to Mylar3: docker install/upgrade

Post by evilhero »

As per the wiki, it's an overhaul of the code and various aspects of the GUI (carbon theme being a new aspect).

Coming from the evilhero version:
- copy over the .jpg/.png files from your cache dir into the new cache dir location.
- copy the mylar.db to the new location.
- copy the config.ini to the new location.

(using docker you can obviously ignore the git clone and the requirements.txt points)

Then you just need to update the paths in the config.ini as per the above link.

That's it provided the paths to your comics haven't changed (or the mappings haven't changed btwn the different docker versions).
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