Required Information when posting a Problem / Bug / Issue

Post any problems / bugs / issues that are Mylar-related in here.
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Required Information when posting a Problem / Bug / Issue

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Firstly, I'm still in awe as to how many people are using this and using it pretty effectively usually. I am in no way saying I don't want people to post problems or issues, because honestly there's no way Mylar would be where it's at today without that kind of input from everyone.

But, in almost every thread here-in, I sound like a broken record always requesting the same stuff. So here's what I NEED users to include whenever a problem / bug / issue is posted:

  • - The build of Mylar you're running ( Master / Development ) and the commit.
    - What OS you are running Mylar on.
    - What the problem is in as much detail as possible (if you can indicate your workflow as to how you got the issue if it can be replicated).
    - If it is in regards to post-processing / downloading - your method of download (SABnzbd, NZBGet, Torrents, Blackhole) and the provider(s) you're having issues with.
    - Any errors whether in the web browser, console window, etc.
    - The mylar.log file (post the portion that's relevant to your issue at hand - showing if applicable, any errors, and the relevant portion of the log leading up to said errors if they exist)
This is not an attempt at me being a dick. It's in an effort to save time with troubleshooting, and not having to request the same information time after time, and thereby drag out the actual troubleshooting.

I'm the only one doing this - I don't have a team (my god that would rock), or a secretary (wife says no-way), and Mylar is a free-time type of project (ha!). So the less time I spend troubleshooting and requesting more information the more time I have to do other things mylar-related and not make myself go as batty as I probably already am.