Mylar3 Can't connect to Deluge

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Mylar3 Can't connect to Deluge

Post by rigonatti »

Hello there.
Pretty excited to try Mylar3 but for some reason I can't connect to Deluge.
Things i've already double checkd:
* deluge is runnning
* Daemon port is set
* Allowed Remote connections

But for some reason, the user name and password doesn't match.
Even if I try to change the password or use 'None' or 'localclient'. It just won't work.

Here is the actual setup:




What am I missing?
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Re: Mylar3 Can't connect to Deluge

Post by evilhero »

So this could be a couple different things playing out, but from what I can see, you can't have the daemon port running on the same port as the actual client. The daemon is completely seperate from the GUI aspect and has different usernames/passwords than what you're seeing in the GUI.

There's an auth file that gets created when you enable the daemon, where you have to go in and then manually enter in a username:password:auth level. This is completely independent of what the GUI will show.

I don't have the actual info handy for how to setup the deluge daemon, but I found this on here from a few years ago that may be relevant:
The Deluge daemon uses an auth file located in the user's .config directory normally (ie. /home/user/.config/deluge/auth), and it parses this for authentication. But in order to parse the file, you need to ensure the deluge daemon is enabled and running - Mylar connects via the daemon, not via the web ui ;)

Go into Preferences / Daemon. Then enable the Daemon port and chose an appropriate port number and ensure that 'Allow Remote Connections' is enabled as well. Then Apply the settings. In Mylar, you enter in the url:port as the host entry (ie. - don't preceed it with a protocol either).

Once you run the daemon once, the auth file is generated and from there you can edit the file manually and change passwords, or view what the username/passwords are - I believe it defaults to the username/password of whoever is running the Deluge daemon. So then just plunk in the username/password into Mylar, save the config.
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