Pulllist 500 error

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Re: Pulllist 500 error

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According to the logs, it's searching for #18, but because there are no dates available from CV for it, it uses the comic year as a default. It's not matching to anything, so it's fine - it's also not downloading anything related to that issue, it is just searching for it.

Since CV insists on allowing people to enter inaccurate issue information, it's just going to keep searching for the wrong date until it gets fixed on CV.

Or, you could go into the specific series in mylar, find the issue, make sure that Show Store Date is being used and double-click on the date field for the given issue (where it says 0000-00-00). Enter in the correct date, hit enter and it'll find it as long as the date is somewhat correct

Edit. If you deleted items directly from the db file, odds are it's caught on other items since the ddl queue page takes values from 3 different tables based on certain criteria and now its looking for items that don't exist (if there is still stuff in there of course)
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