Clean Up sabnzbd history

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Clean Up sabnzbd history

Post by punkdork »

I just got Mylar3 up and running. I'm able to download and post processing is moving the files to the expected directory. Unlike other *ar programs, Mylar3 isn't cleaning up the sabnzbd history after processing the downloads. Is there a configuration I'm missing or is this just how Mylar3 works. I tried searching and either this isn't covered or I used the wrong keywords.
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Re: Clean Up sabnzbd history

Post by evilhero »

This was recently added in the python3-dev branch (where all initial changes go prior to hitting the Master branch).

So if you're running the Master branch, mylar won't clean up the download history after completion due to how it needs to reference the sabnzbd history to find the completed download. I'm hoping to get the merge up to Master sooner rather than later, so it'll be in the next release (v0.7.9)
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