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Comics sitting inside /cache

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2023 1:19 pm
by jan_axhell
I have been trying to use Mylar now and then with no success, so at some point I gave up. Today I wanted to try again and updated my Docker image. To my surprise, with intact settings exactly as I left them months ago, Mylar did (manually) download a few comics from This Week section, something that never ever happened before.
But it downloaded them from GetComics to /config/mylar/cache. And that's it. I tried to manage or tinker other options, but the comics just remained there. Manage section just shows broken covers and IDs, nothing else.
I haven't set that folder to be the /downloads folder. My docker-compose looks like this

Code: Select all

version: "2.1"
    container_name: mylar3
      - PUID=998
      - PGID=100
      - TZ=Europe/Rome
      - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-5b67514d-485e-4306-873e-b1cbb54ccf99/Config/Mylar3:/config
      - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-2628F1C228F19153/data/media/comics:/comics
      - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-2628F1C228F19153/data/downloads:/downloads
      - 8090:8090
    restart: unless-stopped
but Mylar Program Options in Information tab look like this:

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Mylar Data Directory : /config/mylar
Mylar Program Directory : /app/mylar3
Mylar Cache Directory : /config/mylar/cache
Mylar Config File :/config/mylar/config.ini
and I cannot find any setting to change that /config/mylar/cache to, for instance, /data/cache or /data/downloads/cache.
Why are comics being downloaded to /cache instead of /downloads and why do they remain sitting there?
If I click Download [copy weekly snatched items..] a folder like /comics/2023-11 is created, but none of the comics in /cache is moved there.

Re: Comics sitting inside /cache

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2023 2:51 pm
by evilhero
Mylar can't read your docker compose file - it relies on the information you provide it (whether in the GUI or the config.ini) as being correct. So the fact that you have it set as /downloads in your compose doesn't mean anything to the program cause it can't see it unless you tell it so.

By default, mylar will download all ddl files into the cache folder as it downloads via the http protocol and it tries to minimize the items left over as by default everyone's cache folder is writable, but a vast majority don't have their comic location set up correctly.

You have to enable post-processing within mylar in order for it to move / copy /etc the files after it downloads - regardless if it's via ddl or nzb (torrents don't get moved automatically but the folder monitor option is usually used to get things processed in an automated way).

So you probably have multiple problems happening that you've just carried over via your old ini when it wasn't working. I'm brief summary, you should:
- make sure mylar is not running
- edit the config.ini located in /config/mylar/config.ini
- find ddl_location and set it to /downloads
- find log_level and set it to 2 (for verbose logging)
- save the config and close the config.ini
- start mylar up and go into the post-processing section of the configuration and make sure your post-processing is enabled.
- turn off enforce permissions if you have them enabled as most run into an issue with docker and perms as mylar might not have correct perms to do anything, so let the OS do it and disable the option in mylar.
- save the configuration and try to download something

That's a start - I'm sure there's more as there's not alot of information to go on. If we ever ask for a carepackage for any other problems you may have, your logs are now set to verbose/debug level and helping you becomes much much easier.

If you have further problems your best bet is to head on over to our discord server and you can get more detailed and generally quicker help there as there's alot of folks that help in that aspect. You can find the link to the discord server on the first tab of the configuration within the Mylar GUI.

Re: Comics sitting inside /cache

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2023 3:44 pm
by jan_axhell
Ok, thanks, this partially explains why I've never been able to get anything, but while I'm here, I'll post the feedback.
I have done everything you say, except the Enforce permissions, which I cannot find anywhere (v0.7.1).
Anyway, now when I +Add, or +One-Off all that happens is that NZB files appear in /cache and SAB shows a list of them with "Trying to fetch NZB from [my container IP] forever, but downloads nothing (I have full premium indexers and usenet provider)
Again the Download button in GUI says it will download comics to /2023-11 folder, but no comicbook appears.
Log says stuff like this:

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2023-03-25T15:33:50.353336588Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.351 : SEARCH-QUEUE : checked_once: ['DDL(GetComics)']
2023-03-25T15:33:50.353489180Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.364 : SEARCH-QUEUE : prov_order[prov_count]: newznab: NZBgeek (Prowlarr)
2023-03-25T15:33:50.354711610Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.466 : SEARCH-QUEUE : current_prov: {'NZBgeek (Prowlarr)': {'type': 'newznab', 'lastrun': 1679758363.7867725, 'active': True, 'hits': 0, 'id': 9}}
2023-03-25T15:33:50.354883908Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.531 : SEARCH-QUEUE : API searchmode enabled for Spider-Verse Unlimited - Infinity Comic
2023-03-25T15:33:50.355028068Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.gen_altnames.4287 : SEARCH-QUEUE : AlternateSearch: None
2023-03-25T15:33:50.355198181Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.gen_altnames.4326 : SEARCH-QUEUE : searchlist: [{'ComicName': 'Spider-Verse Unlimited - Infinity Comic', 'unaltered_ComicName': 'Spider-Verse Unlimited - Infinity Comic'}]
2023-03-25T15:33:50.355340753Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.534 : SEARCH-QUEUE : comicname searched for: Spider-Verse Unlimited - Infinity Comic
2023-03-25T15:33:50.355530841Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - DEBUG :: mylar.NZB_SEARCH.847 : SEARCH-QUEUE : Non-default Newznab category set to : 7030
2023-03-25T15:33:50.355669405Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - DEBUG :: mylar.NZB_SEARCH.850 : SEARCH-QUEUE : Using Newznab host of : NZBgeek (Prowlarr)
2023-03-25T15:33:50.355822824Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.NZB_SEARCH.882 : SEARCH-QUEUE : Shhh be very quiet...I'm looking for Spider-Verse Unlimited - Infinity Comic issue: 41 (2023) using NZBgeek (Prowlarr) (newznab).
2023-03-25T15:33:50.356038023Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - DEBUG :: mylar.NZB_SEARCH.975 : SEARCH-QUEUE : findloop: 0 / findcount: 1
2023-03-25T15:33:50.356223860Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - DEBUG :: mylar.NZB_SEARCH.1245 : SEARCH-QUEUE : [SSL: False] Search URL:
2023-03-25T15:33:50.356387879Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - DEBUG :: mylar.NZB_SEARCH.1254 : SEARCH-QUEUE : [PROVIDER-SEARCH-DELAY][NZBgeek (Prowlarr)] Last search took place 66 seconds ago. We're clear...
2023-03-25T15:33:50.521859774Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.NZB_SEARCH.1307 : SEARCH-QUEUE : setting lastrun for NZBgeek (Prowlarr) to Sat Mar 25 16:33:50 2023
2023-03-25T15:33:50.532562862Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - DEBUG :: mylar.NZB_SEARCH.1370 : SEARCH-QUEUE : no errors on data retrieval...proceeding
2023-03-25T15:33:50.533058146Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - DEBUG :: mylar.NZB_SEARCH.1394 : SEARCH-QUEUE : booktype:Digital / chktpb: 0 / findloop: 0
2023-03-25T15:33:50.533534449Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.539 : SEARCH-QUEUE : findit: {'status': False, 'provider': 'NZBgeek (Prowlarr)', 'lastrun': 1679758430.5207381}
2023-03-25T15:33:50.533978987Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.587 : SEARCH-QUEUE : Could not find Issue 41 of Spider-Verse Unlimited - Infinity Comic (2022) using NZBgeek (Prowlarr) [api]
2023-03-25T15:33:50.534398831Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.598 : SEARCH-QUEUE : attempting to set NZBgeek (Prowlarr) to not being the active provider.
2023-03-25T15:33:50.534741603Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.600 : SEARCH-QUEUE : setting last run to: 1679758430.5207381
2023-03-25T15:33:50.541526099Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.604 : SEARCH-QUEUE : setting took. Current provider is: {'NZBgeek (Prowlarr)': {'type': 'newznab', 'lastrun': 1679758363.7867725, 'active': False, 'hits': 0, 'id': 9}}
2023-03-25T15:33:50.541553157Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - DEBUG :: mylar.search_init.639 : SEARCH-QUEUE : findit: {'status': False, 'provider': 'NZBgeek (Prowlarr)', 'lastrun': 1679758430.5207381}
2023-03-25T15:33:50.541686875Z 25-Mar-2023 16:33:50 - INFO :: mylar.search_init.641 : SEARCH-QUEUE : Finished searching via : api. Issue not found - status kept as Wanted.
Wanted tab is empty.