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Mass Edits to Comic Locations

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2023 5:39 pm
by kpc180
Hey, I made some errors apparently a few months ago when I switched instances of Mylar3. All my comics still show up - but my naming scheme I made in the previous one doesn't look to be applied anymore and is replaced by the default. I'm wondering if there is a way to mass edit comic locations instead of having to go into each one. Like is there a spreadsheet view I can use to quickly manually edit these locations/directories quicker than opening each comic up?

Here's an example of what I mean: the default renaming option I have entered is $Publisher - $Series ($Year). But what I've been doing for years is when I add a series I manually edit that when adding it to include a character directory. So for example if it is a Batman/Robin/Gotham/Batgirl/Harley Quinn, etc etc series when I click to add it I first edit that name structure to include an extra folder "$Publisher - Batman/$Series ($Year). That way all my batman related comics get grouped together in one folder - and makes my library a lot cleaner.

Some how I messed up months ago without noticing it. And all my series in Mylar now show as being saved in the default Publisher - $Series ($Year). It didn't move the old files out - it has them marked as archived I think - and the new items imported get put in a new folder in the same directory where previously it was just the very big general groupings where they used to be inside them - like DC Comics - Batman.

Re: Mass Edits to Comic Locations

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2023 3:16 pm
by kpc180
Uh oh, I think I found my problem for what it's worth. I believe when I moved to the new instance and used locmov I got confused and used FFTONECOM_DIR mistakenly thinking I needed to. That explains why they are all now labeled as they are. Is there a way to undo that or?

Learned it from this quote in another thread:
"The FFTONEWCOM_DIR setting is only if you're wanting to alter your subdirectory paths (meaning if an original location was F:\Comics\Superhero (2016), it could be altered at this stage to F:\Comics\Marvel\Superhero (2016), if you had your folder format string in the GUI set to $Publisher\$Series $Year kinda format). If your series subdirectories are already set up, and/or you don't want to change the layout just the initial comic location leave the FFTONEWCOM_DIR option not set."