Mylar to download without Comicvine updating

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Mylar to download without Comicvine updating

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Hi Evilhero,

I know we have all discussed this before (couldn't find it though), but it took until Sunday for all the new releases to be updated this week, and there really weren't that many this time. And I also know you're working on it. Not sure the level of importance of course. But Mylar is severely impeded because of comicvine and it makes it look like Mylar is pointless to others that look in, and honestly frustrating to existing users (well I suppose I shouldn't talk for others). And new users may just quit using it and talk crap seeing as the comics are available, but Mylar doesn't do anything. We know why, but newbs don't. And while that may not bother you. It's still a frustrating experience. I just want to get the downloads done, and find out what others I need to fill the collection. I guess that's a minor ocd on my part. That's a me issue of course ;)

Mylar knows there is a new issue because of the leaugofcgeeks, it also knows the date of release. Those are the two important factors that Mylar needs from comicvine. And yes I'm sure there is a metric tonne of behind the scenes magics I know nothing about. But with that, have mylar slot them into their correct continuing series as a temp place holder (new series, they can wait) but the majority are continuing issues. Have the non comicvine filtered book in an orange or purple or whatever color rather than the green it currently is so we know it just hasn't been indexed by comicvine yet. and then whenever comicvine gets around to indexing and refreshing the book it can turn green.

Sounds simple but of course that's all work on your plate, and you're a busy man as it is.

So all in all, just curious how this feature is coming along. I feel it's probably one of the more important functions. It's that or someone needs to build an api for one of the other (only one?) remaining comic indexing sites.
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