Comics database problem

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Comics database problem

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I use Mylar on a Synology DiskStation. I went to load up Mylar the other day (after having kind of ignored it for awhile), only to find that on the main page, my comics list was EMPTY. And I previously had several hundred series in it!

So I shut down Mylar, and tty'd into my DS. In my main data folder ("/volume1/@appstore/mylar/var"), the mylar.db file was something like 20MB, and a quick examination showed it to contain the expected comic data. But there was ALSO a subfolder "/data" with ANOTHER mylar.db file, which was tiny by comparison and appeared to contain no actual comic info. This smaller file was also dated newer than the big one above.

How did this happen? Did a version update go haywire? I want my comics list back...


EDIT: With Mylar still shut down, I backed up both mylar.db files, then copied the large one in place of the small one in the /data folder. After restarting Mylar, my comics appear to be back! But I still would like to know what happened.
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Re: Comics database problem

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It sounds like at some point you changed where the config file was loaded in from. By default, Mylar will load the db file from the root of the Mylar install, which is also considered the data directory. Unless this is changed via a startup switch, it doesn't change.

This could have been done by having added the --config=/data/config.ini switch to the startup command for Mylar (or something similar, but the key being the --config switch). Or I guess if you have the --data_dir=/data switch being used, that would set the data_dir to possibly /data, which if the config switch isn't used would then create the config.ini in the data_dir location by default.

Now I know that the synology package specifies the paths in the startup - so if I were to wager, something got changed on the startup line that's affected where Mylar is loading the db file from.

That's pretty much the only real scenario you can have it load in a different db file - from the start commandline, by using either the --config switch or both the --data and --config switch together.
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