SABNZBD & CDH / Post-Processing Timing

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SABNZBD & CDH / Post-Processing Timing

Post by mmacdonell »

I'm wondering how/when the CDH runs. I've currently have SABNZBD paused during the day, and that seems to interfere with how CDH works, from some error messages I've seen go by, indicating SABNZBD needs to be in a running state. I only have SABNZBD running overnight, so as not to impact anyone during the day, if large downloads were to happen. However, the timing of when CDH post-processing runs seems to be put it at odds with that kind of schedule, as the comics downloaded during the night are not post-processed by Mylar.

Can the frequency of when post-processing is handled be changed?

Many thanks!
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Re: SABNZBD & CDH / Post-Processing Timing

Post by evilhero »

CDH is meant to be immediate -Mylar doesn't constantly monitor sabnzbd for downloads. It monitors items that it knows were sent to SAB and waits for completion to get logged in the history. The problem with Pausing SAB is that, as you've discovered, it does break that form of post-processing workflow.

We can't change the frequency of when post-processing is done, as that's really outside the scope of the program for a very, very small user base. There are 2 options you can use tho to accommodate your problem:

1) Use the ComicRN script included with Mylar. Yes, we've been telling everyone to switch over to CDH as that's more reliable and consistent. But that doesn't mean ComicRN doesn't work well - it's been used for years by lots of people and is still used by some due to their setups. This would be one case where it would work well, since once the download is queued, the ComicRN script isn't run until the download completes (which notifies Mylar of the download and then initiates post-processing).

2) Setup folder monitoring to monitor your SABnzbd completed download location for comics. This only impacts Mylar looking at the given folder for new downloads every X minutes. So when you unpause your SAB, it will fire off and download all the items placing them in the folder and then Mylar would post-process the folder as they're downloaded every X minutes (it only downloads completed files that aren't currently being written to, so you shouldn't have to worry about incomplete files being post-processed).

The only problem with both of these methods is that it relies on filename parsing in order to determine what the series is on your watchlist. So if you have something like 'Superhero 1.cbr' and you're trying to post-process it manually it probably won't match up if you have more than one series called Superhero in your watchlist. However, with most new naming conventions the year is usually included in the filename so it can help alot when Mylar is trying to decide which goes where, and then the above problem won't be encountered except under unusual conditions (ie. if 2 different series with the same series title are publishing issues in the same year - like a rebooted series).

You'd have to test either/both to see which fits your setup and usage better.
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