Error updating the pullist? READ.THIS.NOW.

Post any problems / bugs / issues that are Mylar-related in here.
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Error updating the pullist? READ.THIS.NOW.

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Due to recent security concerns, a few problem areas were recently fixed in both the master & development builds of Mylar.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the security problems, it's IMPERATIVE that everyone running Mylar is running a current version of Mylar. This has become a required update.

As such, pull-list access has been disabled based on your Mylar client version. If you're not running a current version, you need to update. If you don't want to - well as a fine chap once said "sorry, bub." Once you're on a current version, the pull-list will populate as per normal.

If you're running a docker install:
- you need to rebuild and redeploy your docker container.
- If you cannot do the above, you will have to talk to the maintainer of the given docker for assistance in getting on the latest commit.

Otherwise, create a github issue/forum topic related to the problem you're experiencing and we'll do our best to help get you up to date.