DDL'd Comics not Post-Processing/Moving to Download Section

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DDL'd Comics not Post-Processing/Moving to Download Section

Post by ScottyYDG »

Hello, I recently switched to running Mylar on Unraid after losing my previous install on Windows. As it stands, I have the following mappings for my config, comics, and downloads:

/config — /mnt/user/appdata/mylar3
/comics — /mnt/user/data/media/comics/
/downloads — /mnt/user/data/usenet/comics/

I understand that freshly DDL'd comics from GetComics are saved to the cache before they're processed, however it seems nothing is wanting to post-process? I've tried to manually trigger post-processing to no avail, and want to make sure everything is functioning properly before I begin adding Series to my watchlist.

Here is my CarePackage: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnT4XFCUGJYsjZYDoc8 ... g?e=4Zpzf4

I am very new to Unraid's filesystems, and it is entirely possible my mappings are wrong either within Unraid or within Mylar itself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: DDL'd Comics not Post-Processing/Moving to Download Section

Post by evilhero »

Your provider table in the dB has gone wonky - usually it's due to adding a newznab provider that already exists as an option within mylar (dog and nzbsu typically).

So you need to clear the table so that it can actually complete searching for items as it can't do any searches with the table messed up. You need to set the config.ini field ``clear_provider_table = True`` (with mylar not running while editing the ini). Further information about the provider table can be found here.

Also you probably don't want to have enforce permissions enabled within mylar as you're running unraid and they have their own permissions so there's a very good chance that permissions will come into play if you're trying to have mylar rewrite them.
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