Comic book rename.

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Comic book rename.

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Been trying to determine the best way to rename comic book files. It seems like a lot of renamers want to remove any group tags when renaming, and that's not what I want to do.

I have a lot of files that are something like

Comic Name v3 003 (2014) (groupname) (digital or scan) (resolution).cbx

They're very close to what I want.

But sometimes they're

Comic name 3.cbx

but in a directory or directory structure that indicates, even poorly, what version the comic is:


I think I know what I'd want to rename files to, but, I'm lacking the the tools to do so, or at least the higher level programming to write my own.

Anyone know where I could find a really good comic renaming tool?

Is there a database out there of releases by filesize, or crc, or even embedded filenames?
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