Which indexers do you use?

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Which indexers do you use?

Post by leaderdog »

Hi all,

I was just curious as to what people are using for indexers.

Usenet crawler used to be my go to, but with them down at the moment (apparently they're working to get back online) I picked up a couple extra indexers just to be certain everything is covered.

I'm using:
altHUB (paid indexer - but only paid $5 for lifetime - sale on at the moment)
nzbfinder (paid indexer - forget how much but it was reasonable for a yearly sub - I messaged them when their regex was broken and they fixed it with in a day or so.)
6box (free, can donate - as up to date as the other two)

I've been on a few sites that are useless for comics. Only one I can remember tho is:
newztown - (paid indexer with some free time and can earn full access) I commented in the forums over a year ago about their regex not being up to date and the mod said he told the devs, but they still haven't fixed it. I pointed it out a couple more times just to see if they would get it going. but nothing as of a week ago.

so ya, interested in what others are using, or if you people think it's a bad Idea to mention them, maybe should delete the thread? :)
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Re: Which indexers do you use?

Post by evilhero »

I don't think it's a bad idea to discuss what some of the indexers have in regards to retention - especially when it comes to comics since it's a not often discussed option.

Here's what I know are good/decent for comics:
ALTHub: they always seems to get the comics fast and they have a decent backlog available too
NZBGeek: they have a good backlog of stuff as well as keeping things up to date in regards to the newest stuff from the groups. No issues, good support, fast and usually reliable
6Box: good for the comics.
nzbcrawler: yes'um to the comics.
pfmonkey: again, good for the comics.
dognzb: yups for da goods.
nzbsu: same, although I've heard different stories about the reliability.
miatrix: yups for the comics.

OMGWTFNZBS: not even sure if this is up still, but nope - no comics.
Usenet-Crawler: she's down, and she was free but when she was up - she never had problems getting comics.
Nzbs.org: nodda comics.
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