What is your setup??

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What is your setup??

Postby vmcosco » Tue Feb 07, 2017 3:05 pm

Thought it might be nice to share our comic book set ups. I may be moving from an iPad to a Surface so I am curious what setups other people have and what works.

Here is my setup using a Windows server and iPad:

1) Deluge client set to download weekly comic packs
2) Mylar searches packs for wanted issues, processes, tags and moves them to my comics directory
3) ComicStreamer monitors comics directory and imports new issues (ComicStreamer runs behind nginx with a reverse proxy on my personal domain so I can access from outside my home network)
4) Chunky Comic Reader on iPad connects to ComicStreamer to either download or stream comics from anywhere

Very happy with the workflow.
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Re: What is your setup??

Postby lnlytrll » Thu Apr 20, 2017 2:56 pm

Do Chunky Reader, ComicStreamer, or Uboooquity have lists like ComicRack? I'm still maintaining a windows box solely for the purpose of running ComicRack, because it's the only server/app that I know of that will let me create lists to sync to my iPad, based either on a single title, grouped titles with a common term, or a "catch-all" that syncs the 10 oldest unread books.

I do love ComicRack, but it's so out of date and I'd love to ditch my Windows box.
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Re: What is your setup??

Postby Nargath » Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:55 am

My setup is good, but I get the feeling it can be improved:

  • Mylar grabs from NZBGeek and OZNZB
  • Drops comics into Publisher\Series(Year)
  • ComicRack uses these folders as its Library
  • Have a Smart List that shows me all non-CBZ books, and books that have no ComicVine ID associated with it.
  • Convert the books, then scrape all new books (I know that Mylar does this, but I've found that ComicRack adds more of the metadata in)
  • Data Manager to apply custom tags to particular books, based on metadata criteria (characters usually). This is so I can use Smart Lists for custom groupings.
  • Smart Lists for DC and Marvel, then a Smart List for inidividual books (Saga, etc), then Smart Lists grouping types (Doctor Who, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, etc)
  • Use those Smart Lists to sync out to my iPad with the ComicRack app on it. As I utilise "Unread Only" on the syncing parameters, when I read a book and then resync, its automatically removed from my iPad.

Getting worried though, as the ComicRack iOS app is still only 32bit, and eventually apps using that won't work anymore. The ComicRack dev has been pretty silent for the last while.
Ubooquity would be a good alternative, but the fact that there's no read/unread status on it means I can't mimic my auto removal and adding process onto my iPad.
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