Appreciation Thread

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Appreciation Thread

Post by leaderdog »

After reading the reddit post and negative feedback from some. I just wanted to say don't listen to the complainers. Mylar has come a long way from the beginning when they likely had issues and now that whatever you fixed a couple updates ago that got Mylar downloading correctly again (for me), There is only the odd title I have to deal with manually, otherwise if the newsgroups have it, Mylar is picking it up.

This week, there are only 3 books on the pull-list that didn't get downloaded and that's because they aren't actually ripped, or out yet. So a hell ya for that. :)

Keep up the good work, and Thanks as always for your hard work in keeping Mylar great and ever improving.

I do think the reason many figure Mylar doesn't download the books, is because of how slow comicvine is at updating (and I'm not bashing on the one kind soul that does all that work), but that's probably why it seems like nothing is downloading for them. And I did post on reddit explaining that, but turns out it violated rule number 1 and my comment was removed.... so yeah, I tried. ;)

Thanks again! and that includes BBQsauce as well.
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Re: Appreciation Thread

Post by tjhart85 »

This thread is a bit old at this point and I didn't see the reddit post, but I'd like to echo your sentiments. Mylar is freaking amazing! Sure, I like the interface and cleanness of the arr products, but I can't imagine a dev that's as dedicated to improving their program as Evilhero has been!

I've recently moved from the version that required python v2 to the one that uses v3 and it was super easy and a very smooth process (although I did build a new VM for it since the previous one was still on an ancient version of Ubuntu and I wanted to give that an upgrade too, but that just shows how easy it was that I also migrated it to a new system and still thought it was super easy and quick!). Continuously impressed with the quality of this program.

Thank you EvilHero!
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