Development Commit (2016-07-10) Changelog

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Development Commit (2016-07-10) Changelog

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Changelog for the Development commit of 2016-07-10 (55eedb186917018c4022d9be0624f28395ccd6d9):

- Alternate search names now will be searched against when doing manual post-processing
- When manually post-processing, if series volume wasn't specified would fail to match against v1 (by default)
- When metatagging, if volume label is not provided within Mylar would default to None (now will be v1)
- Proper handling of Infinity issue number when file-checking
- NzbHydra wouldn't set the nzbid properly when using Failed Download handling (only time it would be apparent) (#1313)
- When adding series and annuals were enabled, if annual was a new release, would not be shown on the annual subset table for the given series (and subsequently wouldn't be auto-marked as Wanted)
- Correct handling of the imported value when doing an import and moving files was selected (would previously error out during moving for some imports)
- When cbz files were being imported and were attempted to being auto-imported, would fail due to improper handling of the imported variable
- Manage issues will now default the dropdown to the correct selected option
- Manage Comics - fixed dropdown options for multiple selection of series - delete/pause/resume,
- Manual/group metatagging would not tag properly if the START_YEAR_AS_VOLUME option was enabled
- Removed unnecessary config spamming on startup when verbose mode was enabled
- When querying against search results based on Volume label, would incorrectly attempt to grab the wrong volume (in some circumstances)

- Added ALT_PULL=2 method for weeklypull management. Will now update against an external site and pull down already populated ComicID/IssueID's for the series that exist on the pullist. Alternate Search Names aren't needed with this option to match on pullist, as well as CV API Hits are also not used since it is all populated. Also allows for future viewing of pullists (up to 4 weeks in advance)
- Https_chain option now allowed within config.ini (untested)
- 32P pack support on a per series basis (will search individual torrents first before packs)
- When pack is snatched, will mark all issues within pack that are not in a Downloaded status as Snatched within Mylar (annuals currently don't work)
- Allow for searching on 32p against series+publisher for some titles that distinguish between series by different publisher
- Better series matching when trying to find series matches on 32P
- Attempt at better file parsing when utf-8 filenames are being parsed (will remember the exact utf-8 character and placement in an attempt to improve on matching success)
- Added a further delete option to Story Arcs when deleting an arc to ensure that all traces of the arc are removed from the db (optional)
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