Development Commit (2016-05-12) Changelog

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Development Commit (2016-05-12) Changelog

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- If series contained a '+', would not be able to scan in files for comparison checks (or during post-processing)
- File-checking/Post-Processing was taking the incorrect subdirectory path due to escaped slashes (windows only)
- If a series contained more than one/multiple special characters, dynamic naming would be slightly off and cause matching problems in some cases
- When performing a migration of paths in the db using the locmove option, invalid character references would occur on some machines when moving between OS'
- Fixed some parsing issues when using the ALT_PULL=1 method of the weekly pull list
- Fixed some 500 errors when using reverse proxy (flush Imports, Recheck Files, Manage)
- When selecting 'Clear Post-Processed items' from history tab, will now also clear 'Processed' items as well
- When importing series that were successfully scanned for metadata and contained valid ComicID's, would fail to regenerate the dataset,

- Ability to use 32P session cookies for Auth Login
- 32P Backlog support! (individual issues only)
- 32P will only do one search occurance, instead of issue-numbered padded searching
- When post-processing, if series is in a Paused status or is in an Ended publishing state with 100% of issues completed - will ignore series for post-processing comparisons
- Dynamic Name matching added as matching algorithims in Weekly Pull Lists
- Added status checking of an issue prior to downloading (should fix duplicate downloading of same issue within a specific timeframe)
- Added exception catch for ComicVine API limit being reached when performing imports (graceful error)
- Added graphical icons to indicate Pause/Loading/Error/Active state in the Manage Comics section
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Re: Development Commit (2016-05-12) Changelog

Post by ibere »

Thanks for upgrade :D
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