Development Commit (2016-04-07) Changelog

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Development Commit (2016-04-07) Changelog

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Lots of changes in this latest development commit! For those interested, here's the breakdown:

- When retrieving feeds from 32p and in Auth mode, personal notification feeds contained some invalid html entries that weren't removed properly resulting in no results when attempting to match for downloading
- When searching 32P, if title had a '/' within the title - Mylar would mistakingly skip it due to some previous exceptions that were made for CBT
- Main page would quickly display & hide the have% column instead of always being hidden
- Adjusted some incorrect spacing for non-alphanumeric characters when comparing search results (should result in better matching hopefully)
- When adding a series and the most recent issue was present on the weekly-pull list, it would sometimes not mark it as Wanted and auto-attempt to search for it (if auto mark Upcoming enabled)
- If a search result had a 'vol.' label in it, depending on how the format of the label was Mylar would refuse to remove the volume which resulted in failed matches (also fixed a similar issue with failing to remove the volume label when comparing search results)
- When import said there were search results to view, but none available - would blank screen
- If duplicate dump folder had a value, but duplicate dump wasn't enabled - would still use the duplicate dump folder during post-processing runs
- (#1194) Patch to allow for fixed H1 elements for title (thnx chazlarson)
- Removed UnRAR dependency checks in cmtagmylar since not being used anymore
- Fixed a problem with non-ascii characters being recognized during a file-check in certain cases
- Fixed some metatagging issues with ComicBookLover tags not being handled properly if they didn't exist
- Quick check added for when adding/refreshing a comic that if a cover already existed, it would delete the cover prior to the attempt to retrieve it,
- If a story arc didn't have proper issue dates (or invalid ones) would error out on loading the story arc main page - usually when arcs were imported using a cbl file.

(NOTE: This change in the filecheck module, and the various modules that use it, might impact how Mylar finds your files - hopefully for the better)
- Completely redid the filecheck module which allows for integration into other modules as well as more detailed failure logs
- Added Dynamic handler integration into filechecker and subsequent modules that use it which allows for special characters to be replaced with any other type of character
- Manual post-processing speed improved greatly due to new usage of filecheck module & dynamic handlers.

- Added Test Connection button for 32P where it will test logon credentials as well as if Captcha is present
- If captcha is enabled for 32p and signon is required because keys are stale, will not send authentication information and will just bypass as a provider
- Added experimental ability to directly add torrents to rtorrent and apply label + download directory options (config.ini only atm). If this is used, it shouldn't matter what you select for torrents within the Mylar GUI, although to be safe it probably would be wise to leave the seedbox option enabled)

- Importer backend code redone to include new filecheck module
- Added status/counter to import process
- Added force unlock option to importer for failed imports
- Added new status to Import labelled as 'Manual Intervention' for imports that need the user to manually select an option from an available list
- Added a failure log entry showing all the failed files that weren't able to be scanned in during an import (will be in GUI eventually)
- if only partial metadata is available during import, Mylar will attempt to use what's available from the metatagging instead of picking all of one/other
- Better grouping of series/volumes when viewing the import results page as well as now indicating if annuals are present within the files
- Added a file-icon beside each imported item on the import result page which allows the user to view the files that are associated with the given series grouping

- Test Connection button added for SABnzbd to test for api validity (future will auto-grab api key if username/password provided)
- Added a blacklisted_publishers option to config.ini which will blacklist specific publishers from being returned during search / import results
- Dupecheck now has a failback if it's comparing a cbr/cbr, cbz/cbz and cbr/cbz-priority is enabled
- Added some additional handling for when searching/adding fails
- Attempt by Mylar to grab an alternate jpg from file when viewing the issue details if it complies with the naming conventions,
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