Development Commit (2016-02-25) Changelog

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Development Commit (2016-02-25) Changelog

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The recent development commit of 2015-02-25 (b4f6d9a12a17e1edb76a6e1a6b7de766f5a85c09) had several bugfixes and enhancements. Here's the changelog:

- Updated CV-URL to point to new CV api location (comicvine.gamespot)
- Added user-agent to all CV queries, and switched all queries to utilize the requests module
- Added User-Agent to ComicTagger and switched to requests module for all CV queries
- Removed libraryscan option from GUI as no longer used
- Ability to sort 'Have' column on main index page properly now (by % complete)
- Fixed some display issues with the series detail page and displaying
- Metatagging should now be working again for story-arc, and one-off post-processing
- Fixed post-processing problem with decimal places if number was padded
- When file-checking and series had numbers and/or decimals, would take the modified series name instead of the actual series name resulting in some missed matches
- When importing files, if issues were meta-tagged with ComicVineScraper would not scan the metadata properly (#1210)
- When performing a Mass Import, import would fail due to #1210 not being resolved, and subsequently wouldn't use a valid ComicID to use for auto-imports (#1211)
- Fixed checkboxes on annuals table so drop-down will work again (just doesn't refresh the screen afterwards atm)
- Notifications not respecting http base (#1182)
- Possible fix for cache_dir not being used on restarts of mylar
- configparser check would only check on linux systems, and if not present would cause errors during post-processing on non nix-based systems
- Manual renaming an entire series would fail if lowercase_filenames was enabled as an option (#1181)

- Added option to specify SSL Certificate Verification on/off per provider when searching/downloading (note that KAT and 32P verification exists, but it is within the config.ini only as options called: kat_verify and verify_32p respectively. Set either/both to 1 to enable ssl certificate verification, 0 to disable certificate verification)
- Added another keyword to ignore when checking for annuals against a particular series
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