Development Commit (2016-01-26) Changelog

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Development Commit (2016-01-26) Changelog

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The recent development commit of 2015-01-26 (d182321d9b62b0c8189031a4399df18aaa363097) had several bugfixes and enhancements. Here's the changelog:

FIX: included version of comictagger should now work with both Windows and *nix based OS' again
FIX: When doing manual post-processing on issues that were in story arcs, will now indicate X story-arc issues were post-processed for better visibility
FIX: Fixed an issue with deleting from the nzblog table when story arc issues were post-processed
FIX: When using alt_pull for weekly pull list retrieval, xA0 unicode character caused error
FIX: If title had invalid character in filename that was replaced with a character that already existed in the title, would not scan in during file-checking
FIX: When searching for a series (weeklypull-list/add a series), if the title contained 'and' or '&' would return really mixed up results
FIX: When Post-Processing, if filename being processed had special characters (ie. comma) and was different than nzbname, in some cases would fail to find/move issues,
FIX: Annuals weren't properly sorted upon loading of comic details page for some series
FIX: Fixed a problem when displaying some covers of .cbz files on the comic details page

IMP: Global Copy/Move option available when performing post-processing
IMP: Added a verbose file-checking option (FOLDER_SCAN_LOG_VERBOSE) - when enabled will log as it currently does during manual post-processing/file-checking runs, when disabled it will not spam the log nearly as much resulting in more readable log files
IMP: Added Verbose debug logging both via startup option(-v), as well as toggle button in Log GUI (from headphones), as well as per-page loading of log file(s) in GUI
IMP: Added WEEKFOLDER_LOC to the config.ini to allow for specification of where the weekly download directories will default to (as opposed to off of ComicLocation root)
IMP: Better handling of some special character references in series titles when looking for series on the auto-wanted list
IMP: 32P will now auto-disable provider if logon returns invalid credentials
IMP: Utilize internal comictagger to convert from cbr/cbz
IMP: Added more checks when post-processing to ensure files are handled correctly
IMP: Added meta-tag reading when importing series/issues - if previously tagged with CT, will reverse look-up the provided IssueID to reference the correct ComicID
IMP: If scanned directory during import contins cvinfo file, use that and force the ComicID to entire directory when importing a series
IMP: Manual meta-tagging issues will no longer create temporary directories and/or create files in the Comic Location root causing problems for some users
IMP: Added some extra checks when validating/creating directories
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