Development Commit (2017-11-18) Changelog

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Development Commit (2017-11-18) Changelog

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This was a HUGE push that had tonnes of fixes/improvements - it even merited it's own branch for a few weeks in order to get the testing down prior to the merge into development.

So here's the changelog for the Development commit of 2017-11-18 (a6ee85c9aedbc7343ac916183aaa5cd827142bed):

- Complete overhaul of the existing configuration back-end. This allowed for a change in how the provider order sequence is created/maintained, and as such - now you no longer need to save/restart for the provider config changes to be recreated. It will do it dynamically on each press of the Save button in the GUI configuration now for an immediate effect.
- new config.ini option minimal_ini (values of True/False - defaults to False). With this enabled, will only write to the config any values that are different than the default values. For those of us that like minimalist configs....
- Added a Provider Order line at the top of the Configuration / Providers tab so the current search provider order sequence can be viewed (it still has to be edited from the config.ini, but this is a start).
- OPDS support is now included (thnx Destron!) with it's own apikey usage.
- Completed download handling is now available for both SABnzbd and NZBGet. All that has to be done in the client is to ensure that the category is set to the same one that Mylar monitors. Mylar will then monitor the given client for download completion/failure as required and then post-process accordingly. ComicRN legacy support is still available if completed handling is not desired.
- SABnzb will now use the full api key due to completed download handling - using the GetAPI option will use the provided username/password to retrieve the proper key.
- Test button for Rtorrent completion.
- Paused status added to Weekly Pull (purple colour) to indicate series that are in a Paused status, but would have been marked as Wanted otherwise.
- Series folders can or cannot be created when adding/refreshing series (create_folders = True in config.ini). The series folder will only be created if required by post-processing otherwise if this is enabled and the series folder does not already exist.
- Switched search option so that it's more accurate in it's results, and thus will return less hits that don't have anything to do with the search term and thereby increased the speed of the search query.
- Config.ini values can now be viewed by clicking on the config.ini location link on the first tab of the Configuration screen for easier troubleshooting (thnx barbequesauce!)
- Changed colour-codes on search results screen, green now indicates that the series is a print series, non-green indicates that it is either a HC/TPB/digital series and will also be indicated as such
- Changed the autosnatch script so that the get.conf is no longer required to be maintained seperately. The get.conf config items are now located in the main config.ini and have to be repopulated initially

- Schedulers have been fixed now so that forced runs of a scheduler will reschedule next job properly, as well as make sure the job running ends properly.
- Fixed problem with the scheduler of the weekly pull not running at the designated time, which causes problems when attempting to match series to the pullist for issues
- Removed torrentproject from public torrent option
- If series contained issues that had no issue dates (neither published nor store dates), would error out trying to convert the values.
- When recreating a pullist for a week that's not the current week, will now refresh series that are still missing data in case of late population
- Fixed weeklypull not refreshing some series due to legacy numbering on series deemed as Ended by Mylar, or the pull not refreshing properly and thereby were not eligible to be considered as a valid series for matching
- Fixed the retry option for newznab entries so that it should work across the board now for newznabs as opposed to only some providers
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