ignored vs skipped

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ignored vs skipped

Post by ludwig »

I've been using Mylar for a while now (several years) and today realized that I have no idea what the difference is between ignored and skipped.

I looked around for an answer but it is difficult because almost every post with logs in it have both of those terms.

Anyone have a quickly explanation as to the difference?
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Re: ignored vs skipped

Post by evilhero »

Ignored behaves the same as Skipped from the standpoint of downloading. However, it's usage becomes noticeable when Mylar is performing a scan of files for a series (ReCheck Files / Refresh Series) and 1 of 2 options are enabled in the config.ini.

The reason why there are 2 different options for seemingly the same thing comes down to user preference and various users having differing expectations as to what they want to see when they use the ignore option.

As an example, a series has 4 issues in total, and 3 are in a downloaded status. The 4th issue is a preview-type of issue that you want to ignore. Under normal situations, this would display as 3 / 4, regardless if you had the issue as Skipped or Ignored.

ignore_havetotal (True/False): Will keep the total issues of the series the same but will count the Ignored issue as if it were present (for counting sake only) - so in the example above, it would show 4 / 4.

ignore_total (True/False): Will reduce the total issues of a series by the number of ignored issues. It will not count the Ignored as part of the issues you have. So in the example above it would indicate 3 / 3.

Setting both values to True will do the same as having both set to False (meaning that it will show in the example as it would be if neither option were selected - 3 / 4). For the OCD types I would imagine the ignore_havetotal = True would be the option to use so that the true issue counts can be realised, while still ignoring the chosen issues.
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