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If you're having troubles with Mylar matching your comics, try this!

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:08 pm
by iVtechboyinpa
Preface: Evil Hero, you are absolutely amazing for all the work you've done on Mylar. Thanks for this, and especially thanks for keeping up development after all this time! Much props to you my man, you deserve it.

My problem: So I was having a ton of trouble getting Mylar to recognize Superman (understandably so, as there are so many different versions), Supergirl and the Flash. I tried renaming files, forcing years (v2016) and volumes (v4), using the custom_exceptions.csv; none of it worked for me. I eventually thoguht, why not try to have Mylar read the metadata on the comics? These were in CBR archives, so I knew that the metadata from ComicRack wasn't being written to them.

So, I unrared and rezipped them into CBZ files, loaded them up in ComicRack (using a Smart List and a temp import directory), had ComicRack scrape the files with ComicVine, and ran the importer in Mylar. Mylar picked them up instantaneously. So, if you're having troubles getting Mylar to import your comics, give this a try.

If you're running a Windows setup, here's a script I used to convert the CBR to CBZ. I added a user suggested change from the URL and got rid of the echoing as I didn't need to know what was happening. I also remove all my CBR files at the end of the script because I don't need them, but use at your own risk. Note that you must run this IN the directory that the comics are, otherwise it will not work.

Code: Select all



for %%F in (*.cbr) do (
	REM Extract...
	"C:\Program Files\7-zip\7z" x "%%F" -o"%%F contents"
	REM Does the directory exist? has 7zip created it correctly?
	IF EXIST "%%F contents" (
		REM Change directory, create zip of contents of directory...
		CD "%%F contents"
		REM remove banners 
		DEL /F /S /Q z*.*
		REM Delete Thumbnail files. 
		DEL /F /S /Q /A:S Thumbs.db
		REM compression level is 0, store only. 
		"C:\Program Files\7-zip\7z" a -tzip "../%%~nF.cbz" * -mx=0
		CD ..
		REM Delete the temporary extraction folder
		RMDIR "%%F contents" /S /Q

DEL /F /S /Q *.cbr

Re: If you're having troubles with Mylar matching your comics, try this!

Posted: Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:30 pm
by goin3d
Just wanted to echo the above! It's been a huge help to go through convert to CBZ and use the comic rack data prior to importing into Mylar. Yes it's a bit more work but it's been a great timesaver ultimately.