Ignoring publishers

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Ignoring publishers

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My apologies if this is covered somewhere, but a search didn't show me anything.

I have found and implemented the "ignored_publishers" option in the config.ini file. I understand that the text for each entry must be an exact match for the publisher to be ignored (although, it does appear to be case insensitive).

Question is, how do I go about ignoring a publisher with a special character in the name. Like, a comma?

Specifically, something like "L. Miller & Son, Ltd"?

I'm guessing that just having the plain text in the option makes mylar think that is two different publishers, "L. Miller & Son" and "Ltd", which will never match anything.

I do not know python or how it parses things like that, so if there is an obvious solution, please pardon my ignorance.

As always, thank you for this wonderful piece of software and for the continued support! Greatly appreciated!
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