Can't Download anything with Mylar

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Can't Download anything with Mylar

Post by comicsduino » Thu May 28, 2020 1:12 am

Hi all,
I am new to Mylar and I have been learning it for a couple of days.
I am using Docker image of Mylar from linuxserver/mylar:latest and I am using the latest docker-compose with version 3.8 as well using traefik to manage the https connection - I am using my reverse proxy to get to mylar using with no enabling the
  • Enable HTTPS
inside the Mylar Web interface.

The https is working and I don't think it is an issue with what I am having right now.
also I have mapped the 8090 port to my convenience (preventing port collisions on my server) 7676:8090

I am not sure that the dokcer setting nor my https setting is to do with the issue I have - But just in case I have explained exactly what my configurations are.

I have setup DDL and qBittorrent Downloading with a couple of Torznab Indexer using Jackett - of which all returned successful upon testing.
Search Order: DDL, torrentproject2, qBittorent, EETV, extratorrent-cd
I have tried to download an old comics and I am not able to move forward from DDL being queued.

I have marked wanted all 4 comic books and I have requested them and they also got snatched and I was notified by Telegram Bot as well.
I am ONLY getting Queued on DDL download. It created the folder under /comics folder and downloaded the cover image (I enabled that setting as well to make sure I am getting to the folder and have permissions to write inside it.)

I also enabled DEBUG logging and I have this:
[DDL-RESTART] Successfully restarted mycomicbook #1 – 4 (1965) [ 83 MB] for downloading..
But it is not getting them downloaded at all. Just in queue.
I was hoping to see them downloading using qbittorrnet as I have set it up as my torrent downloader and successfully validated qBittorrent connection.

I would be happy to know what i am doing wrong since I am trying almost everything with no luck at all.
Please assist.

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Re: Can't Download anything with Mylar

Post by evilhero » Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:46 pm

DDL does not involve torrents at all, so there's no reason for it to use your torrent client.

DDL is a direct downloader that pulls from the getcomics website. As such, it uses a typical https connection in order to download items directly into the Mylar cache location (located in the /cache folder within the root of your Mylar installation). As it's using a different method to download, if you want to view what's happening as far as progress, you can go into the Manage option at the top of any page, and then select Manage DDL from the options along the top. Once in there you can see exactly what's been downloaded, is downloading, etc.

You've mentioned your search order of: DDL, torrentproject2, qBittorent, EETV, extratorrent-cd, however what is the qBittorent provider you mention there ? the other ones I'm aware of - albeit 2 of those will only return magnet links which might not be fully functional with that particular client (this has come up in Mylar3, which is why I mention it).

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