Can I manually match comics?

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Can I manually match comics?

Post by IamOKAW » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:08 pm

Previously put this under the bug section, I realize now it should have gone here; but I don't see a method for deletion...

There are a few comics that I cannot for the life of me get Mylar to recognize through folder monitor. Particularly TPB's I've downloaded. Is there a way manually match them? Say "this comics is this file?"

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Re: Can I manually match comics?

Post by evilhero » Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:28 pm

In order for Mylar to be able to post-process the items via folder monitor, the series has to exist on your watchlist. The trick to manually post-processing TPBs/GNs is to make sure that when you view the series details for a given series that the Edition says TPB. If it says Print/Digital/One-Shot, then it probably won't be able to match it up properly to the series. If it's indicated wrong (because Mylar attempts to best-guess based on the CV description, so it's not always 100% right), on the same series detail page, go to the Edit Settings tab, and then make sure that the Forcibly Mark series as TPB/GN is checked off (it will change depending on the Edition - so if the Edition says TPB, then it will say Forcibly Mark series as Print).

The reason why it's important is that TPBs have different naming conventions than the other types - mainly they do not have an issue number and/or the volume is intended to indicate the numbering. So when the filechecker/parser encounters a filename and it checks against all the available series that are on your watchlist, it also has to account for it the series on your list is a TPB-type or not.

Failing that portion (usually that's the hangup when trying to manually post-process TPB's), you can also manually add in the issueid from ComicVine into the filename itself. As an example, if the filename is SomeGuy 001 (2015).cbr, you can force it to post-process directly against a specific issueid by renaming it to SomeGuy 001 (2015) [__55260__].cbr where 55260 would be the issueid for that particular issue on CV for the given series

Usually the url is like or, where the 4000 is to denote an issue, whereas 4050 denotes a series (ie. the comicid). So you would leave out the 4000, and just substitute the digits following in the [__ISSUEID__] format in the filename.

In this last method, there is no file name parsing done so it assigns it to the given issueid within Mylar so it's exact. However, because the ReCheck Files option (or Refresh Series) doesn't know what issueid is to which - as that's the purpose is to match things up - it relies soley on filename matching. So yeah, basically if you do the [__ISSUEID__] trick, with a filename that wouldn't match up initially, it'll get matched correctly the first time. Subsequent series refreshes/file rechecks will result in that particular filename not getting matched any longer (unless of course you have rename files enabled, and then it would rename the file when it was performing the __ISSUEID__ assignment).

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