Having issues with binhex-delugevpn container on unraid

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Having issues with binhex-delugevpn container on unraid

Post by ikthayt » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:26 pm

Hi, I'm using the unraid docker from the community apps (linuxserver / evilhero) version. Mylar is working fine for everything - it's honestly amazing, thank you!
The only issue I'm having is being able to successfully use the binhex-delugevpn deluge client. I have read a few different posts in here and still can't seem to get it to work. The daemon is turned on in deluge preferences, using 58846 port (which points to the 58846 port outside of the container as well), I set up the auth file and am using the un/pw for deluge daemon on mylar, both containers are on the same IP - mylar on unraid port 9990 (inside container is 8090); deluge webui on 8112.

In the debug logs, I don't get much info back:
2019-07-02 15:19:44 WARNING [Deluge] Could not establish connection to 192.168.1.XX:58846. Error returned:
2019-07-02 15:19:44 ERROR Could not connect to Deluge: 192.168.1.XX

Not sure where else to go from here. Any thoughts would be helpful, or if someone else has this same issue (maybe it's a deluge thing and not just me).

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