Import comics directory get changed

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Import comics directory get changed

Post by senorsmartypants » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:07 pm

I'm importing my collection into mylar. My directory structure doesn't always match what mylar is capable of (afaik). Here's an example

/Comics/Marvel/Spider-Man/The Amazing Spider-Man (1963)

I use grouping folders between publisher and series.

Anyway, when I am importing them into mylar the dir gets set to what mylar wants, not where they actually are on disk. Mylar is set to not move files.

Then all the comics that were found are marked as archived, and not downloaded.

Is there a way to keep my directory intact on import?

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Re: Import comics directory get changed

Post by evilhero » Thu Sep 06, 2018 3:11 pm

Well, if they're marked as Archived then Mylar has recognised that the issues are present, but they're not located within the confines of the base Comic Location directory. It still knows where on the disk the file resides, but it's considered as Archived as it's not within the given directory (if you hover over the i in the status column on the given series detail page for a particular issue it should show the full path location). The series directory is assigned when you add a series (whether it be manual add, or via an import) and is your Comic Location path + series title (applying the Folder Format option from the configuration).

Basically as far as Mylar is concerned, Downloaded (post-processed via Mylar) is the same as Archived (scanned but not located in the given location any longer). The main piece being that there are alot of people that don't want their 'archive' touched in anyway, so they scan in the directories, let Mylar mark it as Archived so it knows that the issues are present & exist, and that way it won't download them again. Downloaded is the status that is an internally set option that shows that the item was post-processed via Mylar (in simple terms).

You can go in after the series is created and edit the series location path on disk so it points to the desired location, and then in doing so when you do a Recheck Files (or the series is refreshed) it will scan the new location path and the Status' will change to Downloaded (even if they were previously set as Archived as the locations would then be the same).

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