mylar not adding new issues to series

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mylar not adding new issues to series

Post by adispi » Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:56 am

i hope i am explaining the issue correctly.
under wanted, under Upcoming Issues i can see the next issue in the series (for example, this week wonder woman number 59 will be released on the 28, in 3 days and is marked as wanted).
however, under the Wanted Issues, or in the series itself, issue 59 is not added and is not search for.
clicking on refresh comic does nothing.
there are no errors in the logs.

now, i know that this is in 3 days, however, this is happening every week and i download the missing manually and add them manually.

mylar running on synology (version 6.2.1 update 1) and is updating using git to the latest version (Version: 3e12599502bc99343da8564762bd46277f5cdd8c (master) )

thank you for the help.


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Re: mylar not adding new issues to series

Post by evilhero » Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:02 pm

This is normal behaviour for Mylar believe it or not.
So there's 2 different distinct items in this: the Upcoming list and the Wanted list / Series Issues.

For an item to be searched for by Mylar it has to be in a Wanted status. In order for it to be in a Wanted status, it has to have some ComicVine information available so it knows what it is that it's looking for. Once the CV Information is available for a given issue, it will show in the series detail page for that particular series as well as being marked as Wanted and thereby appearing in the Wanted list. Since it's in the Wanted list at this point, searches can be fired off to retrieve the given items.

The main problem in this, is that CV doesn't update their data for new issues until usually late Tuesday night, or on Wednesday (sometimes later, it's kinda weird but dependent usually on publisher size). So until that data is present, Mylar can't search for it.

But this is where the Upcoming list comes in. It's a 'all-in-one-glance' type of data shot that will show you what is due to be set to Wanted for the week, but because of the CV data not being populated it can't mark it as Wanted just yet. It will still appear as Wanted in the Pull-list (because Mylar knows it's due out that given week), but it might not have any relevant issue data to display just yet. As items get issue data populated on CV and Mylar recognises this, items will be removed from the Upcoming section and be able to moved into the Wanted section as they have issue data associated with them.

Manually downloading items doesn't fix the CV data problem, as if the CV data doesn't exist Mylar won't be able to scan them in as their is no issue data for it to link it to (ie. in your example above, #59 doesn't exist on CV/Mylar, but you download it and then try to ReCheck Files/Refresh the series to pick it up and it won't cause #59 doesn't exist yet according to the sites). This would include trying to post-process/metatag these items as without the CV data, she no knows what it is.

Most users just wait for CV to have the info as Mylar refreshes the pull every 4 hrs by default to check for new information from CV (you can manually refresh it sooner of course) so it's usually not that long of a space between grabs.

There has been talk of having Mylar show issues that have no CV data, but Mylar knows is due out for a given week within the series detail page - but in order to pull it off there's a pretty big data change that needs to occur as Mylar would have to 'fake' a bunch of relevant data that might cause problems later on. (ie. if you download an issue like this and then try to metatag it - it can't metatag as there's no CV data, or the given issue gets postponed a week which creates duplicate issues).

Hope that helps /long winded.

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