Mylar Uncaught Exception on 32P downloads

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Mylar Uncaught Exception on 32P downloads

Post by legendarius » Sun Nov 11, 2018 3:51 pm

I'm using Mylar on my computer with a remote watch directory (Feral Hosting Seedbox) and torrents (32P).

At this point I can search and mark a comic as 'wanted' and it will usually be able to find and send the torrent file to the watch folder. However, the below error message is appearing in my log. It also doesn't update the comic status from "Wanted" to anything else (not sure if that's inevitable since I'm downloading the torrent into a remote directory as well).

From this error log is there anything else I need to change or provide here?

Code: Select all

Uncaught exception: Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\user\Downloads\mylar-master\mylar-master\mylar\", line 337, in new_run
old_run(*args, **kwargs)
File "C:\Python27\lib\", line 754, in run
self.__target(*self.__args, **self.__kwargs)
File "C:\Users\user\Downloads\mylar-master\mylar-master\mylar\", line 3007, in search_queue
ss_queue =['issueid'])
File "C:\Users\user\Downloads\mylar-master\mylar-master\mylar\", line 2141, in searchforissue
foundNZB, prov = search_init(ComicName, IssueNumber, str(IssueYear), SeriesYear, Publisher, IssueDate, StoreDate, actissueid, AlternateSearch, UseFuzzy, ComicVersion, SARC=SARC, IssueArcID=IssueArcID, mode=mode, rsscheck=rsscheck, ComicID=ComicID, filesafe=Comicname_filesafe, allow_packs=allow_packs, oneoff=oneoff, manual=manual, torrentid_32p=TorrentID_32p)
File "C:\Users\user\Downloads\mylar-master\mylar-master\mylar\", line 336, in search_init
findit = NZB_SEARCH(ComicName, IssueNumber, ComicYear, SeriesYear, Publisher, IssueDate, StoreDate, searchprov, send_prov_count, IssDateFix, IssueID, UseFuzzy, newznab_host, ComicVersion=ComicVersion, SARC=SARC, IssueArcID=IssueArcID, RSS="no", ComicID=ComicID, issuetitle=issuetitle, unaltered_ComicName=unaltered_ComicName, allow_packs=allow_packs, oneoff=oneoff, cmloopit=cmloopit, manual=manual, torznab_host=torznab_host, torrentid_32p=torrentid_32p)
File "C:\Users\user\Downloads\mylar-master\mylar-master\mylar\", line 1790, in NZB_SEARCH
searchresult = searcher(nzbprov, nzbname, mylar.COMICINFO, links, IssueID, ComicID, tmpprov, newznab=newznab_host, torznab=torznab_host, rss=RSS)
File "C:\Users\user\Downloads\mylar-master\mylar-master\mylar\", line 2672, in searcher
t_hash = rcheck['hash']
TypeError: string indices must be integers, not str

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Re: Mylar Uncaught Exception on 32P downloads

Post by evilhero » Sun Nov 11, 2018 8:36 pm

Can you paste the full debug log showing the send to up until the error? It says that there's no hash for the given torrent which it shouldn't.

Is there a reason why you're using the watch folders instead of using the client option within mylar? The client option allows Mylar to directly add the torrent to your client with a given label if desired. Up until the last development release, rtorrent 0.9.7 wasn't supported from within Mylar. It now is however, so the workaround for that (using the watch folder) wouldn't be required now.

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Re: Mylar Uncaught Exception on 32P downloads

Post by legendarius » Mon Nov 12, 2018 4:10 am

Believe it or not I think you just solved my issue with your last question. I was using a remote watch directory because I thought I had to do it that way with a seedbox.

After you posted I realized I can connect directly to Deluge instead. Just tested and was able to find and add a torrent file without getting the exception in my log. I also set it to count 'Snatched' as 'Have' too.

I'll test around with this some more to make sure nothing else comes up. Thanks so much for developing and supporting this program!! It took a little tinkering to figure things out but it seems like it's going to make keeping up on comics a breeze.

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