Issues with some titles and CV redirects for others

Post any problems / bugs / issues that are Mylar-related in here.
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Issues with some titles and CV redirects for others

Post by leaderdog »

Hi Evilhero,

Just going through the New Weekly list and ran into some issues and a few titles that need to be redirected so they access comicvine correctly:

These comics never download even if I use alternate search name dropping "the". They manually post process fine once I've downloaded them via newsleecher though:

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The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) -
File Name: Amazing Spider-Man 050 (2020) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr

The Immortal Hulk (2018) -
File name: Immortal Hulk 038 (2020) (GreenGiant-DCP).cbr

Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020) -
File name: Superman - Man of Tomorrow 017 (2020) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
I had to manually add "Injustice - Year Zero" to Alternate Name Search to get manual post process to work with this title.

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Injustice: Year Zero (2020) -

This points to the wrong series:

Code: Select all

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast  (2017) - Should be the newer series

No option to add:

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Vampire: The Masquerade - should direct to specific series here -
Life Is Strange: Partners In Time -
Grendel Kentucky - CV has Grendel, KY -
Have a great weekend!
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Re: Issues with some titles and CV redirects for others

Post by evilhero »

I was able to test-snatch all 3 of the titles that you had indicated you weren't able to download. Searched, snatched and post-processed all 3 just fine. Odds are it was a problem with either the pull not having the correct info (ie. it wasn't updated), or it was just some weird timing issue. But everything seems to be lining up now for searching.

For Injustice, make sure to enable the Accept all booktype search matches option in the Edit Settings tab within the comic details section. This is because it's labelled as a Digital First release, and Mylar searches for digital-type releases, but the issue being posted is being picked up as a normal issue. Accepting all booktype matches forces Mylar to almost ignore the digital/print aspect and assume there's only one version of that specific series (meaning that if a print edition comes out, you might get wrong matches possibly when searching for said issue).

As far as the updates - all the issues have now been corrected and pointing to the right series. Thanks for pointing those out again.
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