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Development Commit (2015-01-16) Changelog

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 7:33 pm
by evilhero
The recent development commit of 2015-01-16 (3945ba4a0d76c21d9fabcb304a3ff39b30bd2397) had several bugfixes and enhancements. Here's the changelog:

Fix: Fixed CSS for Annuals table when they are attached to a given series
FIX: Import Results page will now only enable the Rename Files option when the option is enabled in the Configuration
FIX: Multiple import now working - if cannot autoimport, will have an option labelled as 'Select' which requires user to manually select from a list of options
FIX: Enabled the 'Copy to Story Arc Directory' option for Story Arcs (used when initially adding a series, and post-processing)
FIX: Updated the css for the Story Arc Detail pages
FIX: Grabbing individual issues or Retrying should now work when trying from a Story Arc page
FIX: Added ConcurrentLogHandler for Windows users that will load by default now when it is a Windows-based OS and should get rid of the logging file locking that was occuring
FIX: Fixed the post-processing for story-arc one-offs
FIX: Post-Processing errors/problems when attempting to post-process/manually post-process cbz files
FIX: Better handling of issues that contain decimals when file checking
FIX: Will now properly scan in issues or a given story arc that startwith the reading order number
FIX: Removed some excessive logging when using Experimental Search
FIX: When series hasn't finished loading, would throw error in GUI if browser went back to main page - will now Null the values so things will at least load without an error
FIX: Removed the 'Unable to locate given IssueID within the db' warning
FIX: When importing was successful for a given series, will now have a status of Imported in the ImportResults screen with a url link back to the comic series on the watchlist
FIX: When using the Alt_Pull option for the weekly pull list, would leave out the first entry for each publisher
FIX: If a series had identical issues (ie. Batwoman-2011), would only scan in one and in most instances incorrectly assign the values to the wrong issue
FIX: When deleting a Story Arc, would leave any issues downloaded in the nzblog table, which, if the story arc was loaded again cause items to fail
FIX: When importing a directory and then subsequently attempting to import a series, fixed some problems with determining issue numbering as well as the max/min year thresholds
FIX: Option within the Configuration / Advanced Options - 'Manual Post Processing - Notify on Completed Torrents' would not retain setting

IMP: Duplicate handling available via GUI - will only scan in/post-process based on either filesize or filetype (cbr/cbz)
IMP: Filenames that have the issue title in the filename can now be scanned in provided they match what Mylar has for title for the given issues
IMP: Added Auto-Watch to Weekly Pull list as an option to watch issues that are new and don't have any comicvine data as of yet (next update will have the actual checks - currently it just flags it)
IMP: Added volume field when using ComicRack tagging which is pulled directly from Mylar.
IMP: When multiple importing, will remain on the import results page instead of attempting to follow the importing workflow
IMP: Quick link added for series' that are already Imported when viewing the Import Results page
IMP: When adding a series using the ComicID, will now remain on the same page instead of loading up the resulting comic series
IMP: Added .cb7 as a file-type to be included when renaming
IMP: Improved on determining the series title when performing an Import a Directory scan
IMP: Removed some unnecessary looping when updating the status' via a file-check
IMP: When adding a story arc, will now automatically search your watchlist for existing matches instead of making it user controlled

Re: Development Commit (2015-01-16) Changelog

Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2015 6:46 pm
by Methanoid
Can we have changelogs more often please?

Re: Development Commit (2015-01-16) Changelog

Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:24 am
by evilhero
Methanoid wrote:Can we have changelogs more often please?
Can try my best - I've only done them thus far for commits that are really huge or have something jmportant/critical that was addressed and needed more space than the github commit lines.

Re: Development Commit (2015-01-16) Changelog

Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:25 pm
by Methanoid
Thanks, just wondering where to check to see if/when various interesting fixes/features get added (eg ... 931&p=5361). Not nagging, honest!! :D