[FAQ] Provider Search Order

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[FAQ] Provider Search Order

Post by evilhero » Tue May 27, 2014 7:06 am

As of the latest development commit, something called 'Provider Search Order' was enabled.

This allows users to dictate to Mylar the exact order in which to search for nzbs / torrents respectively. As this is still in testing, it's a config.ini only option (plus I havne't been able to get the drag & drop selection order to properly register as of yet), so here's the breakdown on how to get things going:

0) Make sure that Mylar has run at least once after the update so that the values appear within the .ini.

Mylar will automatically generate a search provider order on startup if one isn't specified, that follows what Mylar currently does with searches( torrents --> nzb.su-->dognzb-->experimental-->newznabs)

1) Shutdown Mylar (always important when manually editing the .ini)
2) Edit the config.ini
3) Browse to the location in the .ini where it indicates ''provider_order'.
4) You'll see something like this :

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provider_order = 0, cbt, 1, kat, 2, Experimental, 3, my newznab
where the numeric indicates the order, and the subsequent text is the name of the indexer (which is populated by Mylar)

Simply changing it to :

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provider_order = 0, Experimental, 1, kat, 2, cbt, 3, my newznab
will change the order as indicated.

This is the searching order based on the providers being enabled. It is also the methodology for the search results, so in the above order it would search Experimental and if something was found would send it to either sabnbzd/nzbget/blackhole depending on your client selection. If nothing was found, it would search kat and would subsequently send any match to either your torrent watch folder, or seedbox folder respectively. Keep in mind that if you're using this as above, you need to ensure that you have the respective clients enabled within Mylar.

If for some reason, kat was disabled within Mylar - the search order would remain the same, but the provider order that was for kat would be removed from the process so the search order would flow as Experimental, cbt, my newznab.

As far as searching goes, it will search the RSS Feeds first based on provider order, then drop down to the API level and go through the provider order again. In a subsequent update you will be able to tell Mylar to either search the provider via RSS & API and then move on to the next in the provider order sequence doing RSS & API, and so on, or do the RSS for all at once, followed by the API calls afterwards.

Note that if you're getting the error message in the logs indicating that you have 0 providers enabled, or something related to a foundc error - your provider_order has changed from what Mylar expects it to be and it's not sure how to handle the changes. In order to fix things, you need to shutdown Mylar, edit the config.ini and then delete the entire provider_order line from the config.ini. Then start up Mylar and Mylar will auto-generate a new provider_order based on the providers that you have enabled on startup.