Guide to add 32P Torrents for dockers?

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Guide to add 32P Torrents for dockers?

Post by dmz94 » Sat Mar 10, 2018 4:31 pm

Anyone have a pointer to a guide that would allow me to use torrents (not bothered which system: transmission, rtorrent, deluge, ...) or the watch folder? I have a 32P account and would like to use that option in addition to using NZBget...

I am running all my stuff in dockers on unRAID. Thanks!

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Re: Guide to add 32P Torrents for dockers?

Post by evilhero » Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:17 pm

There's no different way to set them up - you enter in your required information depending on your client, then you would choose how you're going to use 32P with Mylar. All the clients perform roughly the same and have the same functionality, you specify a label and Mylar will snatch the torrent and send it directly to your client (no watch folder), label it and start it as well (if desired). If it's a seedbox, or remote torrent installation, there are also functions to bring the issue(s) down to the local client running Mylar so that it can be post-processed thereafter.

Either you use Legacy mode, which relies solely on the RSS Feeds for monitoring, or the Auth mode, which use the RSS Feeds in addition to being able to direct backlog search against 32P (+ pack support).

Ideally, if you can use the Auth mode (unless you're using a VPN, then you can't use Auth mode) - since it has more bells & whistles and you gain more options and coverage over the typical Legacy. Mylar does cache the feeds tho, so as long as you keep Mylar running it will store the results and use them later on if required - so it's like it's own built-in backlog.

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