Setting up Mylar on Freenas

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Re: Setting up Mylar on Freenas

Post by escrima » Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:51 am

OK, it broke again. Looks like Mylar is writing the .torrents to /var/db/mylar/cache as read/writable to the owner only. Transmission log says that it cant read /var/db/mylar/cache/comic.torrent

This worked great for 2 weeks. Did something change?

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Re: Setting up Mylar on Freenas

Post by evilhero » Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:01 pm

Nothing's changed in the last 2 weeks that would affect the permissions.

Odds are it's something localized to your installation - it could be that :

- the user running Mylar is creating the torrents and they're inheriting that user's permissions, and when transmission goes to read the torrent it can't as it doesn't have proper access to the file.
- you have incorrect enforce permissions enabled within Mylar (or maybe you're not enforcing them might be the reason too).
- the user running Mylar is not in the same group as the user running transmission.
- the permissions on the root of your mylar install has changed to be more restrictive for whatever reason (the cache folder should be 775 at the very minimum, 777 if you want to make sure the cache is completely accessible regardless of the user)

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