Support for "Series Group" tag

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Support for "Series Group" tag

Post by Lasborg » Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:37 am

Hi Evilhero

thought I would write here as opposed to at github as this is a feature request.

As you know I have now imported all my comics into mylar and got everything set up nicely.
But it also means that the mylar main page is 36 pages long and it is quite hard to get an overview.

For example I have more than 30 different B.P.R.D. series and don't get me started on Transformers comics there are more than 70.

When I manage my comics in Comicrack I use the "Series Group" tag to box up multiple series for easier overview (and it makes syncing series to my ipad a lot more convenient as I can just sync unread comics from the B.P.R.D. "series group", to always have the newest series ready to read, no matter if Dark Horse subdivide them into individually named series.

It would be nice if Mylar could support this tag. I imagine that it could be set on a per series basis on the Edit Settings tab of a comic below the volume number field (. This would fix my need to do the tagging later in comicrack.

Maybe it would be possible to get an extra optional column in the Mylar homepage displaying "Series Group".
Maybe it could even the possibility to show just series group and see for example how many missing/downloaded of the total series in a "series group"

Well that is just some ideas that could improve my life with Mylar.

Keep up the good work.

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